A few years ago I photographed Sarah and Jason’s wedding. The two live in California now but were back in Evanston recently visiting Sarah’s mom. Sarah gave me a call asking if I’d photograph their sons, Charlie and Wyatt, while they were in town. I’m always thrilled to see my clients, so I told ’em to meet me at the beach!
This is younger brother Wyatt being lifted into the air…
…and here’s older brother Charlie. Looks like Charlie didn’t get to eat before the shoot.
Charlie is full of laughs and fun; all I had to do was set him loose in the park and the pictures practically took themselves!
While Charlie played, Wyatt took a rest in the grass. He’ll be up and running with Charlie before you know it!
Finally, we ended up on the playground. Charlie wasted no time hopping on the swings.
Wyatt was pretty stoked be going for a swing, too.
I had a fun time hanging out with you, Charlie and Wyatt! I hope to see you both again the next time you’re in Evanston!