Charlie Bea and Grant were in town visiting friends, and stopped by to see me before heading back home to St. Louis! It’s been two years since I last saw this happy crew, and I was blown away by how grown up these young ones are!
Here’s three-year-old Grant…
…already a man of many interests. Like football!
Charlie Bea and Grant’s moms jumped into frame for a family picture. I’ve known Beth and Carolyn from when I shot their wedding almost 8 years ago! It’s been wonderful watching as their family grows!
Charlie Bea and Grant led the way over the hill…
…and in to the timber to go exploring.
There was so much cool stuff to see!
Finally, we wrapped things up by spending some time on the playground. I love Grant’s ‘warrior face’ here!
And Charlie Bea was happy to show off her mean mug, too.
Grant was having a hoot on the playground…
…until he fell down a slide and split open his lip. Poor Grant!
Mom helped him rub some dirt in it…
…and the milkshake he had as a treat pretty much cured the injury altogether.
It is always wonderful to see your family, Charlie Bea and Grant! I’m already looking forward to our next adventure.