Check it out! Charlie Bea and her family were back in town a few weeks ago!
It’s been almost two years since I last saw Charlie Bea, and boy, has she ever grown up!
Charlie Bea was pleased to introduce me to the newest member of her family… baby brother Grant.
What a handsome guy. Pleasure to meet you, Grant!
Charlie Bea and her mommy are great at making funny faces.
Grant learns his first wrestling move. Gotta watch out for those headlocks!
This is one photogenic clan… I love it when they visit me in Chicago!
As you can probably gather, Grant turned one recently.
And Grant’s a lucky guy to have such a fantastic big sister.
He’s going to learn a lot from Charlie Bea.
You see? He’s already learning some pretty sweet dance moves!
Grant wasn’t the only one who had a birthday lately. Charlie Bea turned four a few weeks ago, and the family dressed up as super heroes as part of the celebration.
Momma Beth shows off her super-powered jump…
…and Charlie Bea provided the sound effects.
Grant got in on the action, too, as he zoomed through the air…
…with a little help.
Super CB is not to be outdone…
…up, up and away! She’s got this flying thing down pat and she’s willing to teach you, too.
First, you strike an amazing pose. Visualize your flight.
Gather up your courage, crouch and spring forth!
And then you’re sky bound! Easy as pie!
It’s always wonderful to meet up with you and your family, Charlie Bea! Make sure everyone comes back to visit me in Chicago again soon!