If you have a dog and they need some training, you should check out the Bark Bark Club in Edgewater. Kim was our trainer and she was fantastic. We could tell a difference with Charlie after week one! Check out Kim’s website HERE.

I asked if I could bring my camera to the graduation and I am glad I did! Here are a few of my favorite shots from the night.

Had to post a shot of Kim’s decor. Ha!

Charlie was excited to get started…
He will pretty much do anything for a treat. Sitting – CHECK.
This was his neighbor for the six week course! Emma was posing!
Rocky doing puppy push-ups.
Anya keeping her eyes on her owner…
Kim at work with Buda and her owner.
Rocky strikes a pose!
And so does Chewie! You gotta love that nose…
I love labs!! Oscar stays… =)
And then Kim gave out their ‘degree’. Too much! I love this shot of Oscar and his owner.
Charlie gets his too! I love how it says ‘you are a star’. Um, a star does not pee on comforters. =)
And we tossed him a treat for finishing up six REALLY fun weeks!