Chengcheng and Kort are getting married soon!
Although I’m not available to shoot their wedding, I was more than happy to photograph a pre-wedding session for them.
Chengcheng and Kort put on their wedding attire and we got started on the bridge.
I’ve always dreamed of a couple that would jump up on the rafters of the bridge.
Understandably, most couples are a little leery of it.
But not these two! No fear!
Chengcheng was so excited for the shoot- she had a lot of ideas for photo locations.
And the two of them were open to every one of my suggestions.
Together, we made a great team!
This was rare… not one soul on these steps in Union Station.
We were having a great time, but it was about to get even more fun.
Swing time!
You guys know where we went… Navy Pier!
Almost an up-the-dress shot.
Chengcheng, a photography enthusiast, broke out her camera as we traveled along the lakefront.
As the sun set, we decided to head back into the bright lights of downtown.
Next stop: State and Lake.
This was the light-bright I dreamed about as a child.
Pretty colors!
It was a blast working with you, Chengcheng and Kort! Congratulations on your engagement!