Take me out to the ballgame!! Earlier this month, Jarrod’s good friend Christie married her husband Rob at Brixen Ivy– one of the rooftops that overlook Wrigley Field. Jarrod and I were both there, excited to see our friends get married and take in a game. Well… maybe not take in the game as much as enjoy the food and drink served while the game was going on.
And here’s Christie, our bride, wearing the ultimate Cubs fan wedding dress. Her mom, seen here giving Christie a hug, was all smiles throughout the day.
Christie’s daughter Sophia had on her best Cubs gear, too. She and her mom were waiting by the staircase for the ceremony to being, greeting guests as they entered.
Like this excited party-goer!
Christie’s oldest son Alex was being helpful by passing out beads to the guests.
And a thumbs-up from Christie’s dad meant that we were good to go for the ceremony.
He grabbed his wife for a picture on the rooftop- and was photobombed by their son.
Rob, our groom, checks out the view of the field with his future father-in-law.
And then there was this guy. Jarrod was proud to be serving as the officiant for the wedding. Have I mentioned that he has his own business for this, now? Check out his website here.
Rob and his kids took their place and Christie made her big entrance.
The bride and her children joined them at the front of the balcony
They said their vows and exchanged rings…
…and then sealed the deal with a kiss.
Rob’s daughter Julie and son Michael wait for their turn to congratulate the newlyweds.
Everyone waited for their turn taking family portraits in front of the amazing view…
…and then settled in to watch the game.
Everyone else headed downstairs to enjoy some ballpark food, and I kept the family back for one more round of pictures.
Then we rounded up the whole gang…
…and headed out for a little walk.
The kids were in for a treat as their parents bought them some souvenirs of the big day.
There was lots to check out around the stadium…
…and the kids were all great sports as I posed them around the landmarks.
The older three get a little cheesy…
…and the younger three were next!
The kids headed back to Brixen Ivy to watch the game while Rob, Christie and I took a few more pictures around Wrigleyville.
Christie’s an athletic supporter.
So the Cubs weren’t exactly dominating, but Rob and Christie were flying high anyway.
Rob was living for the day… he couldn’t have been happier.
Christie saw some servicemen and grabbed them for a picture. Thanks for your service, guys!
They spent a few moments visiting Harry Caray…
…and then back to Brixen Ivy to join the party.
Rob and Christie each grabbed a beer and then relaxed together while watching the game.
Daughter Julie was having just as much fun visiting family and playing with friends as she was watching the game…
…while Nick and Michael kept their eyes glued to the field. They’re die-hard fans!
I had forgotten about the toast! Earlier on, Christie’s dad got a little choked up as he gave a speech in honor of the new additions to his clan.
We’ll drink to that!
Then it was time for cake. Check out their cake topper!
Christie and Rob cut into the delicious confection.
Well, that’s one way to eat it!
Here’s the couple’s niece Amber, showing off the invitation the couple designed.
There was great weather, great food, great company… everyone was having an incredible time.
Especially little Sophia, who got a piggy-back ride from her Uncle Johnny.
The cups were individualized with celebrity names, so that people could find their drinks easily once they were set down. Christie’s best friend Ben was the lucky guy who got the Biebs.
Little Sophia was pooped! Christie gives her a kiss and a hug before their aunt drove them home.
Camera battle!
The game was wrapping up…
…so the guests finished their drinks…
…Christie’s mom gathered up the garters…
…and the guests got ready to party in Wrigleyville.
But before we hit the bars, there was a little business to attend to.
Christie had to give away her bouquet!
Then it was Rob’s turn to throw the garter.
Best bud Ben was the lucky guy who caught it.
The wedding party continued as the guests bar hopped, but I headed out after a few pics at the Cubby Bear. Camera equipment and a packed bar don’t mix! The whole group had a blast… especially Jarrod, who came home a few hours later and passed out on the couch.
What a fun day! Even this guy was feeling the love.
Congratulations on your marriage, Christie and Rob! Thanks for having us along to share your big day with you!!!