A few weeks ago, I was at Montrose Harbor, meeting up with Claudia, Hannah, Tommy and their parents for a fall-themed family shoot. I check in with this family every year, and it was wonderful seeing how everyone had grown in the time since I saw them last.
Doesn’t Tommy look so handsome in his sweater? He’s really sprouted up since I photographed him last fall.
Oldest sister Claudia, in the red stripes, led sister Hannah up the tree. As I took pictures of the girls, I couldn’t help but think back to when Claudia was the solo kid in the family.
And, of course, who could forget when Hannah came into the picture?
These two make an awesome pair….
…and Claudia’s a budding photographer, to boot!
It was wonderful seeing you and your parents again, Claudia, Hannah and Tommy. I’m already looking forward to our next photo session together!