Cooper came back to say ‘hello’, and this time, he brought someone new with him!
This was the first time I got to meet his sister Lucy, seen here giving their dad a love bite on the nose.
We all met on a rainy morning at the Evanston Art Center a few weeks ago. The rain didn’t bother us much, though, as you can see on Cooper and Lucy’s happy faces in these pictures.
Look at that face! Adorable!
Cooper was ready to do some splashing in the puddles. Mom helped him into his rain gear and he found the biggest puddle he could.
After a few big splashes, Cooper led Mom to join up with Lucy and Dad.
Lucy found a dry corner to hang out in!
A big smooch from Dad…
…and a big smooch from Cooper. Lucy is one lucky and much loved gal!
It was great meeting you, Lucy, and seeing Cooper and the rest of the family again. Stay dry… and come back to visit again soon!