When I arrived at Courtney’s Bridal Suite at The Langham, her preparations were well underway. The artists from Salon Buzz had finished with hair and makeup, and now Courtney’s aunt and cousin were helping her get into her amazing Mira Couture dress.
Courtney looked incredible…
…and I was in love with this lace headband. It was the perfect addition to her look. Once the headband was tied into place, the bride was ready to start her wedding day!
Once word was out that Courtney was ready for their first look, Eric made his way up to the bridal suite.
Eric snuck in and took his place next to the window. Soon after, Courtney walked up behind him, tapped him on the shoulder, and a wide smile crossed Eric’s face as he turned to see his bride.
It was a splendid way to start the day- and the good times were just starting.
First item on our itinerary was going to the lobby to meet up with the bridal party. On our way there, we couldn’t help but stop and take pictures with some of the unique interior design of The Langham’s lobby.
There they were! The bridal party was primed and ready for pictures.
Courtney took a moment to show me a very special picture. These are her grandparents on their wedding day. Courtney and Eric’s florist, Teresa Soren, worked very hard to recreate Courtney’s grandmother’s bouquet.
Courtney’s uncle, who would later walk her down the aisle, got a little choked up when he first saw Courtney…
…and Courtney got a little misty-eyed in return!
We greeted everyone, and then it was time to get down to business, as Courtney, Eric and the wedding party spilled out onto the street to take pre-ceremony portraits.
We walked just outside the doors of the Langham and lined everyone up on the Wabash Avenue bridge. The guys finished up their beer…
…and got all snuggly before the first photo. It was cold out! They had to conserve body heat!
Before we knew it, the time had come for the wedding ceremony.
Eric stood at the front with a huge smile on his face as he watched Courtney, escorted by her uncle, make her way down the aisle. When she took her place at his side, the ceremony began. And it was a beautiful ceremony at that, as you can see from this collection of images from Courtney and Eric’s wedding ceremony:
Eric’s parents were watching the ceremony from the front row…
…as were Courtney’s aunt and uncle.
With vows, rings and a first kiss exchange, Courtney and Eric were married. Congratulations!
The newlyweds and their guests gathered back inside The Montgomery Club, where guests mingled and enjoyed cocktail hour.
After a delicious meal catered by Gibson’s Steakhouse, the newlyweds took to the dance floor to share their first dance as a married couple.
And after their dance, they took the microphone to thank everyone for sharing the day with them.
Courtney was ready to get her piece of cake! This mouth-watering confection was baked by the crew at Sweet Mandy B’s
Next up were toasts, which were kicked off by Courtney’s cousin. Lots of advice and words of love were given as Eric’s brother and other loved ones took their turn at the mic.
After toasts were completed, Eric and his mother shared a parent dance…
…and then everyone hit the dance floor!
And what a party it was, too!! Check out all the fun in this next series of photos from Courtney and Eric’s dance party:
That’s right! Courtney put a ring on it– you’re married!
Congratulations, Courtney and Eric! And thank-you for sharing your day with me!