Dan and Johanna will be getting married in Minnesota next year and although I won’t be at the wedding, I had a great time working with them on their Chicago engagement session.
We started things off in the park with some long-distance shots.
The last of the leaves had fallen off the trees, but I feel the bare branches make for gorgeous portraits.
One last picture in the park…
…and then on to some more urban settings.
Our next stop was the Metra rail line on the city’s west side. This is always a favorite photo spot because it fits so much of the skyline in the background.
Johanna was all smiles throughout the shoot. She can’t wait to walk down the aisle!
Birds! I like to think this flock photobombed us on their way south for the winter.
I’ve been lucky this year with my favorite graffiti walls. Sometimes they get painted over, but I was happy to see these still untouched for Dan and Johanna.
Dan and Johanna did a great job in front of the camera. We were getting ready to wrap things up, but we were missing someone important.
Their pup! What a cutie!
Congratulations on your engagement, Dan and Johanna! It was great to meet you, and I’m sure your wedding is going to be amazing!