Diana and Jason live in DC but married here in Chicago. Diana and Jason are both actors/musicians and were camera ready. It was great! Enjoy!

Diana getting ready…too funny.

Kelli rocked this one out!
The dress.
I love this one.
Red curtain. Two actors. First meeting! How appropriate!!
The trolley ride was insane! I thought this was pretty fitting. It was a bumpy ride. Hold on tight!!!!
Seven hours later (just kidding) we arrive at the Bahai Temple in Wilmette. It was worth the wait!!!
And then we arrive at the ceremony/reception site.
The emotional ceremony…
Some cocktail fun!
The cake!
The first dance
And parent dance…
Just chillin’ and watching the action!
The bride just could not stop dancing!
Neither could he!
She took the bouquet toss outdoors…
Jason sings a song for Diana. So cool!
I asked them to go outside for some night shots and it was well worth it!
My friend Amanda was in town to help out with the wedding. She is just getting started and asked to tag along. She got a BEAUTIFUL shot of Diana.
And my shot of the groom.
And a parting shot of the luminaries lined up outside.
Thanks Diana and Jason!!!!