Drew and Jeanette. Cool Day. Scrabble. Good food. Professional Dancing. AH!! It was great. Thanks for inviting me to such a cool wedding. I have never shot in Michigan before and this was a great start!!! Enjoy.

They had a small, intimate ceremony before heading over the big show! Here they are signing the marriage license.

Drew getting ready….
I love this shot of Jeanette. She is a dancer so I thought this was pretty cool.
Some final touches before the big show! The room where she chose to get ready had pianos and bookcases all over. AH! So cool.
Jeanette and her father.
LOVE the hat. I kind of followed her around while she had it on. Ha. This is my favorite ceremony shot.
The wedding party.
Drew and Jeanette had some really pretty locations!
Food Time!
They love scrabble. I love photographing scrabble tiles! Thanks for bringing them along.
Attacking the cake!
Some pro dancing!
Some semi-pro dancing…
And finally….some wedding love!