It was Leap Day and I was at The Hideout for Dustin and Morgan’s Leap Year wedding. I’ve worked at countless weddings with Dustin, who DJ’s with Toast & Jam, and couldn’t have been more excited to be participating in his wedding.
I first met up with excited bride Morgan while she was waiting to make her grand entrance.
We spent some of the waiting time taking photos of her in her wedding gear.
The time flew by… the ceremony was about to begin. Hank wished her good luck…
…and she went down the stairs to make her grand entrance.
The mandolin player began his song…
…and Morgan was escorted to the stage.
She and Dustin shared a laugh before the ceremony began.
The ceremony was presided over by their officiant and friend, Jennefa.
Dustin and Morgan were flanked by their good friends, who were all happy to witness the duo tie the knot.
Morgan gave her thumbs up in approval of Dustin’s vows…
…and they sealed the deal with a kiss.
Dustin gave his new bride a celebratory twirl…
…and then it was time to party! What better way to start things off than with a bubble gun?
Before the dancing began, the guests needed to fuel up.
Good thing Chubby Wieners delivers! The guests lined up to grab some party fuel…
… and Braxton and I headed inside to take some detail pictures. Braxton found this carving in one of the Hideout’s tables, and it made for a perfect spot for the ring shot.
This painting of Batman and Gotham villain Clayface served as inspiration…
…for their pie toppers. I can’t wait to see this scene re-enacted in the next Batman movie.
They had shot glasses as favors for their guests, and they featured a reproduction of Morgan’s tattoo wearing Dustin’s glasses.
And the taxidermy had beards!
Old cassette tapes were decorated and hung up on the walls…
…some of which provided important information to the guests.
Morgan’s friends kicked off the speeches.
Dustin’s friend Kristen was up next with her speech, which contained some sage advise for her pal.
And why would anyone need to discuss their friendship with Dustin?
Surely it has nothing to do with these Malort shots!
The guests were good sports and partook in the Malort toast. Check out some of these faces. They tell it all.
Malort shots drained, Dustin and Morgan share their first dance as husband and wife.
And boy, did Dustin ever dance.
Then all the friends joined in the dance party.
Dustin took some time to visit with his Grandma for a bit.
Yes, this happened.
Things were getting hot on the dance floor!
DJ Major Taylor was making sure it stayed that way.
They were still trying to get the taste of Malort out of their mouth.
“Too Drunk” is a pretty relative term…
Love was all around!
That was the easiest rule to follow, by far.
Things really got out of hand when the bubble guns were broken out.
Bubbles as the late night snack. That’s a first.
Congratulations on your wedding, Dustin and Morgan! Thanks for having me there to share in your giant party!