Dustin and Morgan are getting married! I’ve known Dustin for years now through his DJ work with Toast & Jam. I’m always honored when a fellow wedding vendor asks me to shoot their wedding.
Dustin and his adorable fiancee Morgan met up with me at the pumpkin patch a few days before Halloween.
We made great use of the fall colors. Morgan, who works at Hollywood Mirror, did a great job of finding their outfits for the shoot.
Love among the gourds.
I loved the pattern on the front of Morgan’s vest.
And check out Dustin’s fuzzy pin.
Morgan and Dustin were having a wonderful afternoon, browsing the pumpkins and deciding which one they were going to take home.
Morgan jumped for joy as she found the perfect one.
But her joy was not to last for long.
DanceBot was eyeballing their pumpkin from the trailer.
Just as they sat down to enjoy their perfect pumpkin…
DanceBot snatched it right out of Morgan’s hands. For shame, DanceBot!
Morgan and Dustin put up a good chase…
…but unfortunately, DanceBot smashed their pumpkin.
Such a senseless crime. Why, DanceBot? Why?
Luckily there were scores of other pumpkins to choose from back at the lot. They chose another beauty and we headed out to a decidedly DanceBot-free section of the city to carve it up.
Ewwwww…. pumpkin guts are extra-squishy.
Morgan, still haunted by a much-too-early childhood viewing of the movie Return to Oz, nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw this:
Morgan scared! Morgan SMASH!
And that’s how Morgan and Dustin spent their Halloween.
I had a great time sharing the afternoon with you, Dustin and Morgan! I can’t wait for more adventures at your wedding next year!