I met my buddy Elizabeth and her mom to take a couple of pictures the other day. I’ve been having photoshoots with Elizabeth every couple of months since her baptism last year. She’s a pro now, for sure. Elizabeth and her entourage (and teddy bear) arrived right on time and ready to work.
It was a beautiful day to be shooting by the lake, too.
Elizabeth looked adorable with her pigtails.
I thought she looked like Boo from that movie “Monsters, Inc.”
Elizabeth was exploring the park and discovered a lake! Who knew?!?!
She carefully navigated the shoreline.
Her exploration was cut short when she had to take a phone call. Mom was on the other end with an important message: “It’s sugar time!”
The treat was well-deserved after all of her excellent modeling work.
That’s a wrap! Elizabeth rounded up her entourage and hit the road.
It was great seeing you and your mom again, Elizabeth! Have a happy and fun spring!