They DO….They DO!
There was a lot of face biting going on!
I never can resist a Chicago alley!!!
I have always wanted to shoot in this part of town!
I love fish faces. I love the look on Garret’s face.
This mural wall is just made for photographers!!!
I loved the light on this wall!
One of my favorites…
Look…..I am standing right next to them.
Come on! They were eager to make a nice shot happen! Thanks for climbing the walls Elizabeth!
I love the guy driving the train checking them out!
You knew this wall would be on the blog sooner or later…
An ode to Garret’s father!
They are asking guests to come to the reception in their favorite superhero costume. ARE YOU KIDDING? I cant wait for the reception. We are going to rock it out!
Um, I am still dying for this one.
And REALLY for this one! Predator and Darth sitting in a tree…K-I-S-S-I….you get the point.
One of the coolest alleys in Chicago!
See you at the wedding!!!