After a wonderful rehearsal dinner the night before, it was time for Jeremy and Elizabeth’s big day. I met up with Elizabeth in her room at The Lakeside Inn as she was finishing getting ready.
Her maid of honor.
Her mom gives her a hug before heading out.
Jeremy, who was a few rooms down, strapped on his shoes…
…and met up with his bride.
The guests were on the front porch of the Inn where the ceremony was to be held. Here’s the program the officiant used during the ceremony. I love this program!
A friend of the couple softly strummed his banjo for the guests while they waited for things to get started.
Jeremy and Elizabeth took their places and the wedding was underway. The guests all watched from the huge front porch of the inn.
Elizabeth’s maid of honor gave a reading.
Vows were made, rings exchanged.
Jeremy gets a little choked up.
The ceremony site was sprinkled with petals, courtesy of helpful flower girls, before Elizabeth made her entrance.
The newlyweds shared a kiss and a hug…
…then everyone got together for a big group shot.
Jeremy grabbed his knife to cut up some balloons for our next shot…
This design, made by a close friend and co-worker of Elizabeth’s, was printed on bags that guests got to take home.
As I said before, Elizabeth is the owner of Asrai Garden, an amazing store here in Chicago. Her store is stuffed with amazing art pieces and flowers, and she put just as much thought and care into designing the look of her wedding reception as she does her store.
Flowers were everywhere!
Yes, a unicorn!
His and her tattoos. Jeremy and Elizabeth had matching art done on their calves. They used these designs as the theme of their wedding invitations.
More flowers!
Elizabeth and the Asrai Garden staff did an extraordinary job of showcasing their skills at every table.
Who doesn’t love a terrarium?
There were tables set up in the back yard of the inn, too.
And finally, her bouquet!
Elizabeth and Jeremy had games ready, like these playing cards, for guests to have fun with.
The artist who designed the bags I showed earlier also designed several signs that were posted around the grounds.
My favorite was the menu, of course, which described all of the yummy offerings Smoque brought to chow down on.
These tiny flags could be used to decorate…
…your glass of punch.
A great deal of thought was put into every detail… even the toothpick holder!
Guests could also enjoy the custom-made cornhole set in the back lawn.
So cool.
These flags ran all along the porch of the inn.
There were plenty of flowers to go around at the end of the evening!
The balloons were too tempting to not play with.
The porch of the inn had rocking chairs from end to end which the guests took full advantage of.
Look at this cutie.
Look at that same cutie sixty years later.
Jarrod disrupted this guy’s reading time by taking pictures.
Dinner was served and the sun was going down.
Inside, Elizabeth and Jeremy enjoyed their first dance as husband and wife.
Then Jeremy showed me some of the inn’s taxidermy.
Mmmmmm…. barbeque.
Then the DJ started the dancing tunes.
It was a fun day, but I had to get back to Chicago. I said good-bye to Elizabeth’s mom on my way out.
This gentleman held the door for us as we exited the inn.
Thanks for a great weekend getaway wedding, Jeremy and Elizabeth. Every detail of your day was gorgeous and I was glad that I could be there to photograph it!