It was a big day for Liz and Ranu! Their wedding celebration was beginning shortly, and Liz was having the final touches made to her makeup design.
Her home was abuzz with life and energy as family and friends gathered to share the day with them.
Liz’s brother spent his time waiting for his turn in the bathroom checking his phone. There were a lot of people who needed a turn!
Liz looked gorgeous, smiling ear to ear as she moved to put on her wedding dress.
I was especially fond of the bride’s bracelet.
Liz’s mom was on hand to help her daughter into the dress…
…and then escort the bride to her first viewing by family.
Meanwhile, Ranu’s preparations were complete, and he was at his home, where he and his family joined together in prayer.
There were the first of many happy tears throughout this important day.
Back at Liz’s home, the bride and her family also prepared for prayer.
I caught this photo of Liz’s father, looking stoic during the prayer ceremony.
There was a final blessing…
…and then everyone piled into the limo to make our way to the church.
Liz and her bridesmaids filed into the church where Ranu had a surprise waiting for her.
A most gorgeous Tiffany bracelet! The look on Liz’s face says it all!
Ranu escorted his mother and father into the sanctuary, giving them a hug before taking his place at the altar.
He stood proudly while watching Liz make her entrance.
Liz couldn’t have been more beautiful as she took her place next to Ranu and the ceremony began.
Liz’s mom observed the ceremony from the front row…
…while this groomsman observed the camera!
The traditional ceremony was a beautiful sight to behold. There were so many rituals I hadn’t witnessed before.
The church was packed with the couple’s family and friends.
Every moment of the ceremony was packed with meaning and tradition.
The couple exchanged overjoyed looks as the ceremony drew to a close.
There were hugs all around…
…and then they were married! Congratulations!
No time was wasted kicking the party into full gear as the newlyweds exited the church and boarded the trolley.
It was one rockin’ trolley, too!
Liz had her own special cup for the ride…
…and I’m sure she didn’t mind sharing!
There was dancing and celebration all around.
We had a few minutes before the reception was scheduled to begin, so we quickly dropped by a forest preserve for some pictures in nature.
There were several portraits of the newlyweds…
…and then the whole wedding party joined us for a group picture.
The groomsmen cut loose after a few minutes…
…and posed for their own picture while the bride danced around them.
Ranu had his turn, too!
Not to be outdone, the bridesmaids got close for their group picture.
Everyone back on the bus! It’s time for the reception!
Liz and Ranu were all fired up as the trolley pulled up in front of the venue.
They made their big entrance, took a seat at the head table, and Liz couldn’t help but go in for a smooch.
A prayer was given in honor of the couple…
…and then Liz and Ranu participated in a Milk Ceremony.
Ranu’s father was up next with his blessing for the couple.
And Liz’s bridesmaids took turns giving toasts in honor of the bride.
Ranu’s groomsmen had the bride and groom in stitches with their speeches.
There was plenty of advice and words of support for the newlyweds.
Another important tradition observed was the lighting of the lamp, which you see Liz and Ranu participating in below.
And then there was the cake! Check out this amazing confection!
After the lighting of the lamp, Liz and Ranu shared their first dance as husband and wife.
Then Ranu and his mom shared some time on the dance floor with a mother & son dance.
Finally, it was time for everyone to get on the dance floor!
And these guests were ready to celebrate!
I got told what was up by this guest.
I don’t know that I’ve ever been on a dance floor that was this packed. There was a lot going on, and my camera was going crazy!
The guests enjoyed dancing, drinks and company well into the night.
The celebration was a complete success!!
Congratulations on your marriage, Liz and Ranu! Thank-you for sharing your day with me!