Emily and Brad met up with me for their engagement session a few days back, and I was excited for the shoot. I had been scouting new locations through the down months and was ready to try some of them out.
Watch out for Kool-Aid man!
He actually busted through the wall. It was crazy.
Oh, boy. I lost control of another engagement session.
I’ll give you three guesses to figure out where Emily grew up.
Givin’ the panda a belly rub.
Brad needs love, too!
You knew this was going to happen. I love a good play on words.
Brad and Emily show off their fresh moves by Doing The ‘Urkel’.
We were having a great time… but it felt like something was missing…
I know! Their pup Bongo!
Bongo was a very good pup and did some fierce posing for photos.
Bongo is a natural in front of the camera.
And his owners aren’t too bad, either.
Taking photos is hard work…
…and it was time for a snack.
Arrrgh! It’s always so hard to decide. I’d like one of everything, please.
But a shake hit the spot on this day.
I had a great time spending the afternoon with you, Brad and Emily! I’m looking forward to photographing your wedding!