I’m always happy to hear from former clients, like Erin and Alan, whose wedding I photographed a few years back. They had some tremendously good news for me…
…and her name is Emme! What a cutie! I was more than pleased to meet up with this happy family and take some pictures.
Apparently, Alan has a delicious nose. Who knew?
Emme is a very happy baby…
…and curious, too!
She was having a great time exploring all that the city had to offer.
Emme showed me her personalized toy.
Look at those big, beautiful eyes.
Emme gets a big hug from her momma. This dress Emme is wearing is one that Alan’s sister wore as a child, and mom was changing Emme into something a little less delicate…
…because we had a juicy treat coming up…
A yummy peach!
I think she’s a fan of peaches!
It was a delicious treat, but now Emme was a sticky, gooey mess. Mom had a solution…
…a dip in the Crown Fountain at Millennium Park. Emme was in her swimsuit and ready to go.
Playing in the park, eating her first peach, and then splashing in the water… what a good day for Emme!
Erin brought along these blocks to set up in a photo. Emme caught sight and was ready to play… I took this picture before she started.
It was great to see you, Alan and Erin, and especially wonderful to meet little Emme! Congratulations on your happy family!