it's your boo.
have fun.


Yay! Engagement photos! Lets get to know each other before the big day. We will show you what to do with your hands so they don’t look stupid just hanging there.

It's kind of our thing

We have been WORKING bridges for nearly two decades. Let us throw you up on a bridge and do our thing.

Rain, rain, don't go away

Some of our favorite images are from rainy days. Go with it! You won't regret it. Don't worry. We can reschedule for a sunny day if rain isn't your best friend.

Dressed up with everywhere to go.

Raquel and Tommy wanted to feature the city they love in their images.

Let's discover together

We love to find new locations with our clients. Lets go explore together!

Love on LSD

Why not take us on a drive to some of your favorite spots? Their first kiss was on Lake Shore Drive so it was a perfect place to start their shoot.

Animated couples make us happy

Not everyone is as animated as Brian and Aynsley. Don't worry. We want you to be as silly as you want to be.


01We are pretty nervous about having our photos taken. What do you do to help us out? We will guide you through getting the best image and help with posing and movement. The posing we do is not stiff or unnatural at all. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and excited about the process. We will have a blast hanging out and getting to know each other!
02When would you recommend we do the photos? This depends on a few things. Are you using these for a Save the Date? If so, you will want to schedule your session about 7-8 months before your wedding. If not, you might want to base your decision on which season you love the most. Spring and Fall are great times to shoot considering the backdrops these seasons provide. We can help you choose the right time for you to shoot when you are ready to schedule your session.
03What should I wear? Find a way to coordinate without looking too "matchy." You don't want to look like twins but a nice balance makes for great photos. Pops of colors in your accessories work great! A bright skirt with neutral shoes, a colorful pair of heels or bright jewelry will look awesome on camera. Feeling comfortable is key. You also should bring a pair of comfy shoes in case we venture around the city together!
04Why do an engagement session? Have FUN! Being engaged is an incredibly fun and short period of the entirety of your (future married) lives together. Focus on being yourself. Don’t try and be someone else’s Pinterest board. Dress up, but not so much that you feel uncomfortable. Hang out and interact with each other the way you normally do. Actually, we want you to focus on each other SO MUCH MORE than you normally do! Fix your eyes on your love, and focus on all the reasons why you adore them, and try to forget the camera. Goof around, make silly faces, play and laugh! Be you!
05Where should I get my engagement pictures taken? Your neighborhood might be a great place to start. The place you met, the place you had your first date and maybe just a walk around the block with your pup. Anywhere that has meaning and significance to your relationship is always a great place to start.

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