It was time for Erin and Kevin to walk the aisle! Braxton was tagging along with the couple on their big day, and I’m proud to present some of my favorites.
Erin’s beautiful dress, hanging and ready to go.
A few final makeup touches…
…the perfect accessories…
…and this bride was ready to meet up with her groom.
Kevin was in place at a nearby bar for their first meeting.
Pure happiness!
Then the whole group headed out for pictures around town. Brave Erin was fearless as she climbed on the bridge rafters.
Worth it!
The rickshaw driver gave his approval to the union.
They’re good guys like that.
Next up were a round of photos by the silo.
Such a happy groom.
And I love his boutonniere!
And this is a fantastic shot of the bride. I adore the windswept look!
Kevin and Erin’s wedding was held at Garfield Park Conservatory. Upon arrival- after finding a pitchfork- they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pose for an American Gothic portrait.
The lush greenery is just lovely for taking wedding photos.
Erin’s bouquet was lovely as well.
Guests began to arrive and filter into the ceremony site…
…and soon enough, the wedding was beginning. It looks like Kevin participated by playing some entry music for the event.
What a great way to begin a wedding.
After the song was finished, Erin and Kevin took their places and the ceremony began.
Rings and vows were exchanged…
…and the marriage began with a kiss.
The newlyweds greeted their guests and were met with plenty of hugs.
Cocktail hour began with some friendly competition…
…as well as drinks and conversation, of course!
The bride and groom make their big entrance into the reception.
And soon after dinner, loved ones delivered toasts in honor of the newlyweds.
With the wedding tributes delivered, Erin and Kevin enjoy their first dance as a married couple.
Guests gathered around as the wedding couple enjoyed parent dances. Isn’t this an amazing spot for a wedding reception!?!?
Time to party! Erin grabbed a drink and hopped on the dance floor with her guests.
It looks like everyone was having a blast at the dance party!
Sweet moves!
Cheers to Erin and Kevin!
Looks like this was a party for the ages!
Congratulations on your marriage, Erin and Kevin!
And fantastic work, as always, Braxton!