Erin and Mike decided to have their Trash the Dress pictures done on their farm that has been in Mike’s family for decades. You know I was game for that! We started out in some amber waves of grain.
Erin decided Mike wasn’t dirty enough after his day working on the farm, so she gave him a hand.
She really had fun with that!
Beautiful summer day in East Grand Forks, Minnesota.
That tree branch was begging to be shot.
I hope I get to shoot on a farm again soon. So cool!
This is still the best way…
to tell which way the wind is blowing.
The big sky!
Mike had to take a break from the shoot to help out with an equipment malfunction.
Meanwhile, I got to take a couple of shots with Erin.
With the equipment fixed, Mike rejoined us.
We all hopped in the truck and headed down the road.
This was the view out of the back window. Definitely a hard-working farm truck!
Speaking of hard-working farm trucks, I’m sure this beauty served it’s owners well.
This truck was one of my favorite discoveries that we stumbled upon.
Next they jumped into the bed of the truck.
Erin’s long hair is gorgeous. I think these pictures do a good job of showing it off.
Your goatee is pretty stylin’ too, Mike.
This picture was taken in an old barn on their property. This was the first car that Mike owned.
I love this ring shot. One year anniversary.
Every good farm has a good dog!
Thanks for showing me the farm. It was a blast!