Eve and Jason are getting married this October and I’ll be there with them to document the day! We met up recently for their engagement session, which we spent traveling around town, hitting some of my favorite spots and getting to know each other better. It was beautiful out, and couldn’t have been more perfect for a photo shoot. We were ready to take full advantage of the fantastic weather, starting out on the river front.
Then we hit the streets, making stops at a handful of my favorite murals. This time of year is great for exploring the city’s street art- you get to check in with some old favorites and see some new creations. These next two pictures are of spots I found while location scouting earlier this year. I’ll be seeing them a lot!
And then there are the old favorites. Having these colorful backdrops like these on display is just one of the reasons why Chicago is the best!
Eve and Jason will be getting married in Elburn, IL at a venue called Heritage Prairie Farm. And as I mentioned before, the wedding will be held in October. I’m incredibly excited to photograph them with all the fall colors in that country setting and happy that they have this colorful urban shoot as a contrast!
We wrapped things up by heading down to the lakeshore, snapping some pictures in front of the city skyline and taking a walk through the park. It was a perfect afternoon!
I had a fantastic time hanging out with you, Eve and Jason, and I can’t wait for your October wedding! Have a great summer, and I’ll see you again in the fall!