I met up with Genevieve and Wesley at a park just a few blocks away from their family’s home in Roscoe Village. The two were excited for their photo shoot and I was just as excited to work with them! This brother and sister duo are the best of friends…
…and Genevieve has a lot of love to give her brother!
Genevieve is a creative and funny girl- her parents told me that she already has a dream of being a stand-up comedian when she grows up!
I’m sure Wesley will be laughing the loudest in the audience at Genevieve’s shows.
See!?!?! He’s already working on his laughing face.
And look at how Genevieve already has her parents in stitches.
The family gathered in for a couple of group pictures…
…and then we went for ice cream right next door to their house. Genevieve got a little chilly after a few bites…
…but Wesley couldn’t get enough!
I had a lot of fun hanging out with you, Genevieve and Wesley! I look forward to seeing you again sometime soon!