This is Greyson.

His mom Rebekah, a planner for Allure Event & Meeting Productions, asked me to take pictures of Greyson and the rest of the family.
Greyson has a little brother, Zander.
Zander put on his best tie so he could look sharp for the photoshoot.
Greyson deserved a break after taking a lot of pictures.
Hands got dirty, but he had fun!
A lot of fun!
Zander was posing all day.
But he did have to take a break for a snack.
The monster house!
Greyson poses with his “Home Alone” face.
Zander and mom played around…
…while Greyson tried to break in. I’m not sure the monster would be happy to see you, Greyson…
We headed out to grab a bite to eat and they had a present waiting for me in the car. So nice! It was a camera holding a Diet Coke. Perfect! I let Greyson open it for me.
He was ready for a long drink of cold water after taking pictures all afternoon.
He was even good enough to share with his brother.
You did a great job posing for the camera, Greyson and Zander! I hope you both have a fun and safe summer!