Harris, Lila and Holly met me at the Brookfield Zoo to take some pictures.
They have some fun equipment to play on there. Harris was enjoying the hollow log.
And here’s Lila, giving a sweet smile for the camera.
There were lots of cool things to see and she was excited to get started!
Like watching zoo employees feed the animals, which is what Harris could not take his eyes off of!
Lila touches a flower.
Yay for that!
What a good big brother!
I wish I had as much energy as these two.
Lila’s little ponytail.
Playing with a ladybug.
Lila spots a bunny.
She was cheering after a zookeeper let her pet the bunny rabbit!
Time to suit up.
We got all bundled up before heading outside.
We climbed up on the bench to take some pictures. Lila was was ready for Harris to take this serious.
But not too serious!
And no trip to the zoo is complete without a visit to the gift shop.
Harris lets his mom take a peek through his new toy.
Great to see you guys again!