Just over a year ago, Braxton and I traveled to Camp Wandawega in Wisconsin to photograph Chris and Heather’s wedding. A year later, Leah, Jarrod and I traveled back with the happy couple to take some anniversary pictures (and enjoy some R&R)!
Chris and Heather climbed into their wedding gear, and we marched right up to the teepee. Right outside of the flap was a deck, with the best view of the lake in the entire camp.
If you stay at Camp Wandawega, you can spend the night in one of the teepees!
Chris and Heather enjoyed a round of beers outside of one the camp’s tents, located, appropriately enough, at the top of ‘Tent Hill’.
We made the short trek back down the hill and explored the camp’s treehouse, which came complete with a rope swing.
…and regular swing …and hammock. This is a deluxe tree house!
The facilities are unique and wonderful, but the scenery is the biggest draw.
You remember what I said earlier about the view from the teepee being my favorite? I take that back. The view from the tree swing is pretty impressive, too.
And this is the place to be at sunset.
Heather and Chris are one stylish couple, and Heather’s boots served as evidence. Heather and Chris are photographers, and they own and operate two businesses here in Chicago, Vavoom Pinups
and Popio-Stumpf Photography. So it’s no wonder these two are so drawn to Wandawega!
Chris found the life jackets…
…and it was time for a sunset canoe ride.
How romantic!
Chris and Heather ended their anniversary shoot with a kiss in the middle of the lake.
Chris paddled the canoe back to shore and they changed back into their camping gear. We had just enough sunlight left to get a fire going and break out the hot dogs for dinner.
The next morning, Chris and Heather washed the campfire out of their hair by jumping in the shower.
Way to conserve water, guys!
Thanks for an awesome camping trip, Heather and Chris! We loved Camp Wandawega, but loved working with you even more. Happy Anniversary!