It was wedding day for Heather and Jim! I started out with Heather at the beachfront villa she was staying at in Puerto Vallarta, Casa Linda. She was knocking back a margarita, getting ready between sips.
To hell with the scale! She’s eating chips and cheese!
Heather is thrilled with her weigh in! It takes a lot of work to look that good.
A detail shot of Heather’s wedding dress. It was the perfect dress for a beach wedding!
Woo hoo! Heather and her girls were having a great time getting ready.
And there you have it!
Meanwhile, Jim was at Casa Guillermo, the ceremony site, getting ready. He laid all of his things out on the bed in preparation.
Jim checks the watch that Heather gave him as a wedding gift the evening before. It’s about time to say “I do!”
Heather could barely contain her excitement!
All of her girls were there to share her day with her. Everyone was looking good! A lot of the girls had spent the day at Franc Gole Salon getting ready!
Just a few more snaps to go…
Which is cooler, the rings or the shades? =)
All done up and ready to go! We began the short trip over to the wedding site.
Here’s Heather, taking a few moments to pose in front of the villa she rented. It was awesome!
She was working that gate! =)
We jumped in the van and headed out. Everyone was relaxed and in a great mood from spending a few days in the beautiful tropical weather!
The girls were already at the other villa to greet us.
Jim was there, anxiously waiting on the balcony overlooking the beach for the wedding to begin.
Jim sees Heather in her dress for the first time.
Heather’s mom.
All the guests were on the beach as Heather’s dad walked her to the alter. Notice how all the guests are wearing white! Loved it!
Jim watches as Heather makes her way up to him.
Love her expression here.
Here they are getting ready to deliver their vows.
This was a really neat idea… they made a Brandy Alexander together to represent their union.
Congratulations! The newlyweds walk down the aisle.
The trip back up was a little tricky. Here’s Heather’s mom getting a hand back up. Check out the local in the background giving advice.
The guests made their way up for cocktail hour.
Meanwhile, Heather, Jim and I went to the shoreline to take some pictures. We were going to head into the city but it was really hot that day. Like, really hot! The sweat was still pouring but we were much closer to the tropical drinks and cold towels that they provided for everyone!
I love this one!
All of the local residents who were at the beach were checking us out.
Heather was posing for them.
Heather, who speaks fluent Spanish (in addition to four other languages!), asked these guys if we could play soccer with them for a minute.
They were happy to play along!
Jim shows off some of his mad soccer skills.
Their amazing reception site!
Some of the details from the place settings. They used a great wedding planner based in Puerto Vallarta, Barbara Fancsik with EM Vallarta.
The tequila was flowing!
The cake was designed by EM Events, too. A lot of mini cakes made up a cake tower!
The very cool dance floor.
They had several different napkin prints at each table. Here’s one of my favorites.
The cocktails started to flow!
These guys ruled. Their names were Siggi and David, and they were two musicians from Iceland that Jim and Heather met on one of their travels. They agreed to come all the way to Mexico from Iceland to play at the ceremony and reception. They were awesome!
It’s not a fiesta without sombreros!
Good food, good company and Coronas all around!
Corona just tastes better with a fake moustache!
Heather and Jim provided props for guests to be creative with. My favorite will always be the googly eyes.
Time for dancing! Heather and Jim dance their first dance. Awkward!! =)
And then Jim goes in for the kill!
Heather dances with her dad.
Whew! Heather was working up a sweat with all that dancing!
Ha! She was real impressed that we caught her using blotting papers!
She knew she forgot to do something before she left for the wedding…
Their guests were hamming it up all night.
And if this wasn’t enough…
…they hired fire dancers to entertain their guests.
What a show! It was impressive!
I love, love, love these ladies for jumping in the pool!
Someone retreated back into the house to dry off!
What a great day! Thank you so much for having us shoot your wedding, Heather and Jim! It was an experience we’ll never forget!