Here are some images that I took when I went home for the holidays. Kids were all over the place. It was nice for about a minute. Ha. I have to say though….kids are the BEST to photograph.

This has to be the most generic Santa EVER! Just wrong…
He knew.
My aunt Peg had all of the children play games. This is a shot of ‘unscramble the words’. Joey was the first one to finish!
This is what happened during the party. My poor Blue Honda Fit. =(
The next day, me and my cousins baked a cake for my aunts birthday.
This guy was hanging out with us too!
Christmas Day…
Brittany looking ticked off…like always! Ha!
My sister. Jennifer… asked me to put you on the blog. You happy?!! =)
Some Christmas Day cage fighting.
My grandmas best friend. My grandma passed away a few years ago but Charlotte still hangs out with us on the holidays.
The big cake presentation.
Happy Birthday Janet!!!
And then for some crazy present opening. She wasnt playing around!
Pizza time!
More pizza…
I wanted to leave you with a shot of my grandma Doris. My mother gave me this picture when I was home. Me and my sister took this giant piece of peanut butter fudge to her before she passed away. It says ‘we tried’…if you cant see it! She made the BEST fudge and ours did not even compare. We always think about her during the holidays so it was only fitting to end with this shot.
Hope you had a nice holiday too!!!!