Welcome little Jack into the world! His parents called me over a few weeks ago for his very first photo shoot. Things started out with a portrait of the whole family.
Look at how precious he is! Here, Jack’s loving mama gives him some attention.
And his proud papa knew just the right way to hold him… Jack fell asleep for a few minutes!
While Jack napped, I took a few pictures of his nursery.
Jack’s parents did a great job decorating his bedroom.
There were colorful details everywhere…
…and soft, cuddly friends in each corner.
A few minutes later, Jack was awake and ready for more pictures.
The blanket was very comfy…
…and Jack was snug as a bug underneath.
Jack already knows how to take it easy, as he demonstrated by lounging in his rocking chair. Very relaxing!
So relaxing in fact, that Jack dozed off once again. That didn’t stop us from posing one last family portrait before I headed out.
It was wonderful meeting you and your family, Jack! Check in again with me soon!