The big day had arrived for Jaisa and Charlie. I could feel Jaisa’s excitement before I even walked into her hotel room to photograph her getting ready.
The gorgeous October day, which we checked out from her Hotel 71 window, gave her one more thing to be excited about.
Jaisa’s hair was done, Laura Black had finished her make-up, and our bride was almost ready to go. She was absolutely radiant as her bridesmaids helped her with the finishing touches.
One such final touch was this necklace which was a wedding day present from Charlie.
Finished! Jaisa headed out of the room to meet up with Charlie.
Charlie and his groomsmen were enjoying a group drink before he made his way to see her.
Charlie sprung into action as soon as he got the call that Jaisa was ready for their first meeting. Jaisa’s dad gave Charlie a hug before he headed out.
The happy couple got their first wedding-day look at each other on the bridge just outside the hotel.
They shared a few moments together before we headed out to the church.
Jaisa’s sister met us at the door of the church. She teared up immediately upon seeing her sister. There was only enough time for a few hugs and greetings, though… the ceremony was about to begin!
Charlie took a deep breath as he took his place at the altar and the ceremony began.
Jaisa’s father walked her down the aisle of the gorgeous St. Michael’s Church.
He and Charlie shook hands and shared a hug as Jaisa was given away.
Jaisa’s mom had her hankie out and ready to go.
Jaisa and Charlie took each other’s hands and the priest began the ceremony.
The church looked magnificent.
Charlie and Jaisa exchanged their rings and their vows, and then they were man and wife!
Congratulations! We headed out of the church to make our way to the limo.
The wedding party had a surprise all set up when we got out the doors.
They had hard hats and this sign made up to match the church, which is in the process of being restored.
We jumped into the limo and Charlie got the party started by popping a celebratory bottle of champagne.
We met up with the wedding party to take some group shots around downtown. First up was the LaSalle street bridge.
Charlie demonstrated his impressive flexing techniques for us.
These bridesmaids were impressed.
We wrapped up the photos on the bridge and got into the limo to continue on to another location.
Jaisa fielded some calls as we traveled. And, she looked good doing it!
As cute as Jaisa always is, she’s even cuter when she’s excited! She’s also excited about a new blog she’s created with one of her bridesmaids called Hardly Housewives. Check it out!
Our second group photos location was the Lincoln Park Nature Walk.
The setting sun made for perfect lighting as we took photos around this sculpture.
We were having a great time, but had to run. It was almost time for the reception!
Charlie and Jaisa walked hand in hand to Cafe Brauer where the guests were all getting ready for their arrival.
Before heading in, I took a quick shot of Jaisa and Charlie’s flowers. Kloeckner Preferred Flowers did all the floral design for the day.
The reception area was looking perfect, all set up and ready to go.
And I was having a blast documenting all the details.
Each table had a beautiful centerpiece.
The cake, baked by Take the Cake, was amazing and covered with intricate details.
Jaisa and Charlie had a great idea for their seating charts.
Charlie, who’s from Minnesota, gave tables names from towns and landmarks from the land of 10,000 lakes. Lotus Lake just happens to be his hometown.
And Great Island, Maine is Jaisa’s hometown.
There were so many great details to appreciate. Shelly Rothstein from Honey Bee Events helped Jaisa out planning them.
After a dinner catered by the always wonderful Blue Plate Catering, guests could treat themselves to these mouth-watering treats: Jaisa’s Nonnie’s Whoopie Pies! Unbelievable. Jaisa promises to post the recipe on her blog Hardly Housewives soon!
I took the ring shot on this sign for River North. It’s where our couple met and fell in love.
When I was done taking detail shots I joined the rest of the guests as they enjoyed cocktail hour. I always love to see guests triple-fisting it!
Everyone was shocked by how fast the evening was flying by! Before they knew it, it was time to sit down for dinner.
After dinner was served, Jaisa and Charlie shared their first dance together.
And then it was time for the speeches.
Jaisa’s dad was up first as he thanked the guests for sharing the day with him and his family.
Jaisa’s mom smiled as her father wrapped up his speech.
Charlie’s grandma.
Jaisa’s Maid of Honor was up next with her toast for the newlyweds.
Charlie’s mom smiled as Charlie’s brother, who was also the best man, took the mic.
His brother gave one of the best speeches that I have ever heard.
It concluded with a slideshow that Charlie couldn’t believe.
Dang! That’s right. He went there.
Jaisa loved every minute of it.
Charlie, even though he may not look like it here, enjoyed it as well.
Charlie’s brother even got choked up a bit as he concluded his toast.
With the speeches done, Jaisa shared a dance with her father.
And Charlie danced with his mom.
Then all the guests joined in.
Everyone was there to party, and the dance floor was jumpin’!
Belly bump!
Erica from Toast & Jam kept the guests fist-pumping all night.
Congratulations on your marriage, Jaisa and Charlie! Thanks for sharing your day with me. You guys were a blast!!