Jaisa and her fiancee Charlie are taking their walk down the aisle next October. We met up almost a year to the day before their wedding to take some engagement pictures.
We started off on the Kinzie street bridge.
Then moved on to explore the neighborhood!
Jaisa was a natural at taking photos. I barely had to direct her at all.
Love these shots with the train cars.
And when we were done, we headed through the tunnel on to find more locations.
Some murals…
We had a quick outfit change and then hit the streets again!
The sun was bright in their eyes, but they were both troopers posing in front of this fence.
Charlie gave Jaisa a piggyback ride!
We crossed over the bridge…
…and on to one of my favorite spots!
Love this shot of the two of them.
This rail yard has a ton of scenic spots for pictures.
I think this wins my “favorite location” of the year. I can’t get enough of this place!
And then there are the trains that speed by every couple of minutes!
The color this wall was painted caught my eye, so I had to set them up in the doorway.
The warm October light! Love it.
Next up: La Scarola! They frequent this place and it holds special meaning to them.
We had to stop in for a glass of wine….
… courtesy of the owner!
Jaisa and Charlie, you two were a pleasure to work with! I’m looking forward to your wedding next fall!