Luke and Jassimine are getting married this August, and I’m excited to be sharing the day with them. The three of us got together a few weeks ago for their engagement session, which began in a very special location.
Luke and Jassimine both took the same class in Chicago architecture and landmarks while in college. It was on a walking tour of the city that they first met, not far from this spot- the Potter Mausoleum in Graceland Cemetery.
The rest is history!
And you know I couldn’t have been more excited to be working with a couple that wanted to photograph in a cemetery. Love it!
Our cemetery tour completed, we headed down by the lake to run around for awhile.
I was happy to see that the weather was cooperating with us (somewhat). It’s hard to believe that these pictures were taking in mid-January!
A lot of the credit has to go to Jassimine, who made it through the whole shoot in a sleeveless dress!
I was having a great time working with Luke and Jassimine as we travelled around town posing for portraits. The session was almost complete… we were just missing one important detail…
…their puppy!
What a cutie… and so good in front of a camera!
Finally, their kitty joined in for a family portrait. What a good-looking group!
I had a great time during your engagement session, Luke and Jassimine! I can’t wait for your August wedding to get here!