It was Jeni and Laura’s wedding day! And did they ever have a fun day planned, at that. The day got started at a park in the West Loop, near the couple’s home, where we held their first look. As you can imagine, Jeni and Laura’s faces lit up when they saw each other– smiles that didn’t leave their faces for the rest of the day.

The brides took a few minutes to check each other out and then we got down to work. It was an absolutely perfect day and we wanted to take full advantage of it, taking as many pre-ceremony pictures as possible. This first round of photos were all taken in the West Loop. There are so many murals, parks, restaurants and buildings that are begging to be used in portraits there, and I’m always happy to oblige. Especially when I’m photographing such a joyful couple!

After doing West Loop up right, we moved further into the heart of downtown, making a stop at the Kinzie Street Bridge. We goofed around there for a few minutes until it was time to get these two hitched!
We rode in style to the Chicago Cultural Center, where Jeni & Laura held a short ceremony, surrounded by family and friends.
With rings and vows exchanged, Jeni and Laura were married! Congratulations!
The Cultural Center is a wonderful historic building, and there’s no way we were leaving without taking a round of pictures. Jeni and Laura were game, and when we were satisfied with our time there, we moved on to the Art Institute Garden, where the family gathered for group portraits.
After everyone had their turn in front of the camera, the group moved down the road for lunch…
…it was just too much excitement for some of the guests! This little guy was wise to take a nap– there was a lot of wedding-day fun yet to come!
When everyone was done eating, I was given a warm, fond adieu. But this was just the end of the first half of the day! There was more fun to come…
…later in the day when we gathered at SPiN , a newly-opened Ping-Pong Social Club downtown! Even more of Jeni and Laura’s friends and family gathered to celebrate the newlyweds while demonstrating their skill in Ping-Pong, the sport of royalty.
They even had special paddles and sweatbands made for the party!
SPiN is such a fun place- I recommend you check it out if you have the chance- and Jeni & Laura’s guests were having a great time. There were drinks, food, games and, of course, fantastic company. I don’t see how the party could have gone any better!
A few of Jeni and Laura’s friends arrived with no intention of playing around. These Ping-Pong pros meant business!
Aren’t they intimidating?
Their table skillz struck fear into the hearts of any who dared challenge them.
There’s one of the personalized sweatbands I mentioned earlier! There were lots of fun details and touches for guests to enjoy.
Everyone was having a blast, so while the guests enjoyed each other, I rounded up Jeni & Laura for one last round of pictures.
Finally, we ducked quickly outside to get a sunset picture.
What a fun day! Thank you for sharing it with me, Jeni and Laura, and congratulations on your marriage!