Jennifer and Baker had a lot planned for their wedding day and I was looking forward to photographing all of it. The fun started with my meeting up with Jennifer and her bridesmaids outside of Stan Mansion, where the ceremony and reception were held. We all hopped in the shuttle and travelled to the Art Institute, where the couple had chosen to have their first look. Baker was already in position at that designated first look spot, admiring the view. The two shared a kiss in front of their favorite sculpture, and then we headed outside for pictures in the garden.
Whoops! An accidental beer spill as we boarded the shuttle!
Plenty more where that came from! Jennifer and Baker were having the time of their lives as they celebrated with their friends. If everyone was this excited while taking photos, I couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the day had in store for us.
Next up, was the west loop and one of my favorite spots. We were having a great time setting up pictures around this empty lot.
That is, until the cops came to kick us out. They were super nice about it, though…
…until they tried to run us down with their cruiser!
We moved the wedding party down the street to backdrops a little more public.
Awww! It’s so nice to see a wedding party that’s not afraid to share the love.
Hubba hubba! Jennifer couldn’t stop checking out her soon-to-be hubby.
This beautiful spot is one that Baker scouted out prior to the wedding day. I think I’ll be stopping by here often in the months to come!
We headed back to Stan Mansion where family and friends had begun to gather in anticipation of the ceremony. There was a little time for greeting guests, but before we knew it, Jennifer was walking the aisle and the ceremony was underway.
Everything was gorgeous– Jennifer and Baker did a lot of the work decorating the stage and ballroom, and their hard work paid off. The atmosphere was perfect for a unique ceremony presided over by one of the couple’s closest friends.
With rings, vows and a first kiss exchanged, Jennifer and Baker were married! Congratulations!
The newlyweds headed off for a few moments alone together, but before I left them to their own devices, I asked them to pose for some celebratory pictures.
Those rings look good on you both!
Following cocktails, guests found their seats and settled in for dinner. I loved the how the ballroom was decorated and how it came together for the party.
While plates were being cleared, speeches began. Baker’s best man was up first with his toast in honor of the couple.
Next was a friend of Jennifer’s, who was delivering a message from a bridesmaid unable to attend the wedding because she was about to deliver her first child. There was a lot to celebrate and be happy for that evening!
Finally, the newlyweds took to the microphone to thank their guests for all their love and support, and for joining them in the party.
And boy, did they ever party! See for yourself in this collection of images from Jennifer and Baker’s wedding celebration!:
Look at that face! She’s so serious about her dance moves!
What a party! What a couple! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with me, Jennifer and Baker… many congratulations on your marriage!