Welcome to Monte Rio! My good friends Jenny and Scott invited Jarrod and I out to California to share their wedding day with them! I love Jenny more than Dolly Parton and that is just plain crazy. Jenny used to photograph weddings with me and when it was her turn to say “i do” I was honored that she asked me to be the photographer. I could go on and on but it would be gross. Enjoy the photos!

The entire day was held outside, and Jenny and her family did a lot of work on a ton of wonderful details! Outside weddings in Northern California. Forget about it. AMAZING.
A starry eyed bride.
Jenny’s sister Elaine is in the background. She is a craft master, and was working hard to finish the last few details before things got started. We also heart Elaine. She reminds us of Molly Shannon. We like this. We like this a lot.
Jenny’s dress, hanging outside of the cabin she and Scott were staying in adjacent to the wedding site.
Her earrings and a balloon nipple.
Jenny’s necklace, in front of a sign for her sister’s business. Check out the Rock N Roll Craft blog. Her sister has mad skillz.
I hung out with Jenny in the cabin as she was getting ready.
Her mom was in there too, finishing up her look.
Meanwhile, Jenny’s brother worked furiously to complete the playlist for the dancing.
Here’s Scott, getting some help with that tricky bow tie. I let them play around with it a little longer before giving them this card.
Scott’s niece, showing me the gift the couple gave to her for serving as one of the flower girls.
Jenny with her friend Gina.
Jenny’s holding a copy of her vows….
…that she wrote herself. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. =)
Her father takes a peek at his daughter before heading down the aisle.
Gorgeous, hand-drawn programs were given to the guests as they arrived.
Scott’s ready to go! I love this shot of him.
Jenny and her dad, walking down the aisle.
Scott is a HUGE Star Wars fans. Guess who showed up? “R2-D2, it is you! It is you!”
Scott delivers his vows.
Jenny’s mom watches.
Scott’s best man, Paris, traveled all the way from Canada!
Her super cute bouquet.
Jenny’s brother, looking sharp.
The proud parents. Could her fathers bow tie be any cuter?
What a beautiful place to get married!
A single balloon makes it’s escape.
This is one of the two guitarist they had to provide music for the ceremony.
Presenting the happy couple!
I love this picture of Jenny’s proud Aunt Marilyn.
After the ceremony, we set out into Monte Rio for pictures. This bridge was close by the reception site.
Everything was in walking distance of their wedding site. That was nice!
Here’s Jenny as she trips on some brush.
Luckily, her husband was there to catch her!
That’s right. Flaunt ’em if you got ’em.
Love these next two!
After shooting there for a bit, we moved on up the trail.
And across the bride into the village!
Like I said, HUGE Star Wars fans. So how appropriate is this painting, hanging outside the local movie theater?
The theater was actually a renovated airplane hanger! We posed in front of one of the many cool decorations.
And then this friendly guy came to see what was going on. Something tells me that he was just in it for the popcorn.
Taking advantage of great light and even better scenery.
Jenny does her happy dance.
Love, love, love this one.
Here are all the siblings! This group can get pretty wild, and they are so much fun.
After the sisters got the guys under control we snap a shot.
Wood-fired pizza was served up fresh for the guests.
They made them in a trailer right there on the spot!
Some of the very cool detail shots from the day. They put a lot of time into making things look perfect! DIY all the way. =)
Here are some shots from one of several photo walls they had made for the reception.
How cute is this guy? I want one!
There were so many cool details all around.
How scary is this guy?
Here are some of the hand-made place cards. Jenny and her family put so much work into the details, and it really paid off!
I never thought my gift to them on their engagement would make it to the wedding.
This collection of figurines were on the reception table. I loved it!
Here’s the site, as seen from the reception table. Jarrod was rocking out some detail shots.
Beautiful details, beautiful scenery.
Jenny collects salt and pepper shakers, and had some of her favorites at the tables for guests to use.
Ah, love.
The sun was shining bright and happy for them. Jarrod also got this great shot.
…and they had a cotton candy machine there. Everyone made and ate their own.
Scott dived right in.
Glamour! Beauty! Fabulous! She was working it and working it hard.
Elaine, thinking of going back for more cotton candy.
But it was time for pizza…
with wine.
Then we moved to the dance floor.
Jenny and her father embraced after their dance.
That’s right. I got the shot. =)
Jenny’s dad, thanking the crowd for coming and supporting the couple.
Then they opened the mic up for anyone who wanted to wish Scott and Jenny well.
Paris toasts the couple.
Then the cakes came out! Here’s a section of Jenny’s cake.
Rice Krispie yard gnomes! The cutest!
Pizza, drinks, cotton candy, cake… the party was in full swing.
Elaine and her husband enjoying the dance floor.
I had to get a shot with the bride. I went for it.
Jarrod and Jenny pose together.
I think every wedding should have a cut-out to pose with.
It’s amazing how much fun you can have with the cotton candy holders.
Elaine Krueger.
The site, taken from a distance.
As we were saying out good-byes, Elaine stepped in this stray piece of pizza. Amazing ’til the end. We loved every minute of it.
Congratulations, Jenny and Scott. You have a wonderfully happy, warm and supportive family. We loved spending (and photographing) the day with everyone! See you both very soon!