Jenny, our California associate, photographed Neil and Zil’s wedding and we’re very excited to share it with you! In keeping with tradition, the wedding occurred over the course of multiple days, with Jenny there for each!

There were so many bright colors and happy faces– it was truly a joyous event. Jenny started off the first day by taking photos of the details.

The weather was perfect and the setting was gorgeous for the first day’s festivities. Neil and Zil’s friends and family gathered together under the tent to kick off the three-day celebration, which included music, dancing, solemn observation, and beautiful tradition. This first grouping of images highlights some of Jenny’s favorite moments from the day:
The groom was all smiles as the first day drew to a close, happy and excited for the two days of celebration yet to come!
The next day was a bit more formal as guests gathered at Neil’s parent’s home to participate in the family’s traditions. But make no mistake- day two was just as joyous and exciting as the first!
Absolutely a day to remember! The happy couple squeezed together for a celebratory selfie as Jenny snuck in from behind them.
Congratulations on your marriage, Neil and Zil! Thank you for sharing your day with us!