Jenny, our associate in California, was with Rose and Ben on their wedding day earlier this summer. The ceremony and reception were held at an absolutely gorgeous vineyard in the northern part of the state, and there were so many picturesque backgrounds on site for Jenny to incorporate into photos. Rose and Ben were just as excited to get to shooting as Jenny was, but first, the bride and groom needed to get ready!

Here’s Rose checking out her hair and makeup. She was beautiful, and the smile you see on her face here was shining for the entire day. After a few pictures with friends, Rose left to put on her dress.

Meanwhile, Ben was getting ready with his groomsmen, two of which are seen here practicing their supermodel faces for the pictures.
Here’s the groom! Ben tied his tie, put on his jacket, and after a groomsman huddle, was off for his first look with Rose.
Rose and Ben were so affectionate during their first look. You can tell that they were both overjoyed that their wedding day had finally arrived. The two shared a kiss and some happy tears, then they were off and going. Jenny had a lot of ideas and was ready to get to work!
You never know when you’ll need a wheelbarrow! Ben was storing it away in an easy-to-remember place in case they needed it later.
You might notice Ben making a goofy face in this picture. Rose and Ben love to make each other laugh by throwing goofy faces at each other, and Jenny loved how frequently and mightily these two laughed together!
After some time with just Rose and Ben, the wedding party joined in the fun. It was a bit rainy that day, so they ran out for photos in between bursts of drizzle. But the misty weather didn’t dampen spirits. The whole group was all smiles!
Soon after, it was time for the ceremony. Guests filed into their seats as Rose’s sister, who officiated, began the proceedings.
Rose was beaming as she was escorted down the aisle, and the smile didn’t leave her face throughout the ceremony. See for yourself in this collection of images from Rose and Ben’s wedding ceremony!:
With rings and vows exchanged, Rose and Ben were married! They closed out the ceremony by sharing a kiss and walking down the aisle together.
The happy looks on their faces say it all!
Time to round up the troops for family photos! (And yes, Superman and Batman are considered part of the family.)
Jenny was delighted that the families of Rose and Ben shared the couple’s fun sense of humor and weren’t afraid to show that sense of humor in front of the camera!
One last group shot…
…and then it was time for the reception.
What a gorgeous location for a party. The guests enjoyed dinner and dancing outside, right in the middle of this beautiful landscape.
Dancing was kicked off with Ben and Rose’s first shared dance as a married couple.
Everybody else was ready to party, so they wasted no time in opening up the floor. The party was a blast, as you can see in this set of images from the reception!:
What a beautiful night…
…and what a beautiful couple. Congratulations, Rose and Ben! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us!
And thank you Jenny for capturing the events of the day so wonderfully. We can’t wait to share more of your work soon!