The day had finally come for Jessica to marry Bill, and I was thrilled to be sharing the day with them. I began with Jessica as she was getting ready at her aunt and uncle’s home which is on a fantastic piece of property in Wisconsin that they have named “The Island”. This scenic locale, which is where a good many of Jessica’s other family members live as well, is where everything except the ceremony was hosted. Jessica and Bill were happily adhering to family tradition by celebrating their wedding on The Island, beginning with Jessica preparations.
Jessica’s wedding dress was hanging and ready…
…and there were plenty of hands on deck to help the bride step into the gown.
A few accessories completed the look…
…and this bride was ready to meet her groom!
Jessica took a moment to show some love to her mom and sister…
…before making a grand entrance for her father.
Jessica’s father drove us all to the church- the same church at which many of their family members had married, too.
The guests had taken their seats and the bridal party made their entrance. The last to process were Jessica and her father, seen here waiting in the wings.
And here’s Bill, standing at the altar, eagerly anticipating his first look at his bride.
Here she comes!
Jessica’s father shook Bill’s hand before leaving the bride…
…and taking a seat next to her mother.
Jessica and Bill were married in a traditional Catholic ceremony, and the following are some of my favorite photos from the service:
With rings and vows exchanged, Bill and Jessica begin their marriage with a kiss.
The newlyweds exited the church to the sound of applause from their loved ones…
…and we headed out with the wedding party to take some portraits. Here, Bill’s sisters give Jessica a hand bustling her dress.
Jessica had done some location scouting on her own and found a farm just around the corner from the church that was perfect for photos.
There were even chickens there!
We thought the goats were being friendly, but it turns out that all they wanted was to eat Jessica’s flowers.
It felt good to sit for a few seconds…
…but I didn’t let them rest for long! There was too many great backdrops to visit!
I think it’s safe to say that our photo session at the farm was a success…
…and there were more good times ahead as we headed back to The Island for the reception.
Our timing was perfect, too. The guests began to arrive as we entered the gates.
First up were group portraits of the wedding party, who were ready and waiting for their moment in front of the camera.
Bill and Jessica enjoyed a round of drinks with their attendants between photos…
…and even made time to take a spin on the merry-go-round.
Man, I wish I had one of these in my backyard!
A large weeping willow like this one is a photographer’s dream.
OK! That’s enough pictures!
Time to play for a bit! The guys jumped on the court to blow off some steam for a few minutes.
This groomsman caught a few seconds of air time. Jessica, Bill and I left the guys to finish up the game…
…and took advantage of some fantastic lighting on the pier.
We heard family calling and headed back to the house. Jessica’s parents had set up a small toast for immediate family before the party started.
Jessica’s mom and dad delivered the toast in honor of the newlyweds.
Cheers to Jessica and Bill!
Bill’s grandma was all smiles as we headed into the tent for dinner…
…as were the flower girls.
Guest lined up to offer their love and congratulations during cocktail hour.
What a perfect spot for a wedding reception.
This was a fun detail… they hung a picture frame from the branch of the tree, serving as a photo booth for guests.
There was a camera on hand for guests to document the poses, some of which follow:
Jessica and her siblings smile for the camera.
This is one for the holiday card.
Soon enough, it was time for the newlyweds to make their big entrance to the reception.
They shared their first dance as husband and wife…
…and then the best man delivered his toast.
Jessica’s sister, who served as maid of honor, was up next with her speech.
After speeches, Jessica shared a father-daughter dance with her dad…
…and then opened the dance floor for all the guests.
These guests were ready to party!
But none more so than Bill!
Bill’s grandma and father showed off their best moves.
Bill’s parents share a slow dance together.
The party was in full swing, but before it got too late, there were two items of business to attend to:
The bouquet toss…
…and the throwing of the garter!
Jessica’s father did a special late night toast with the bride and groom. Their neighbor, seen in the foreground, happily joined the family.
Bottoms up!
Jessica’s dog made an appearance at the end of the night. Look at that face!
Finally, the festivities ended with Jessica and Bill leaving the reception through a tunnel of sparklers.
I think Bill was pretty happy with his wedding day!
Congratulations on your marriage, Jessica and Bill! Thank-you for sharing the day with me… I had a blast!