Jessica and Corey are huge sports fans. Can you guess which two teams are their favorites? Jessica made these herself to wear during the reception of her Chicago sports themed wedding.
While Ruth Armstong finished up her makeup, Jessica was telling me about her life in Florida where she and Corey live. They love their Chicago teams so much, they planned their entire day around them.
Jessica’s bridesmaids all sported these lovely robes, which Jessica gave to them all as a thank-you.
They were happy to model them for me.
Before we knew it, it was time to put on the dress.
Jessica made sure the veil was nice and secure.
The dress was on and fit just right.
She looked fabulous, and was ready to go get married.
The girls all shared a group hug…
…and then jumped into the limo to go to the ceremony spot.
Soldier Field! Guests were encouraged to show their Chicago love by donning their ball caps.
Jessica, ever the crafty lady, made these wands for guests to wave after the ceremony.
She teared up as her father walked her down the aisle.
Corey couldn’t take his eyes off of her.
Corey was overjoyed as the Reverend began the ceremony.
So was Corey’s mom who watched on from the front row.
Jessica addressed the guests…
…while a bridesmaid held her beautiful bouquet, which was created by Elizabeth at Asrai Garden.
Our couple exchanged vows…
…and gave each other rings.
And were presented to the group as man and wife! Congratulations!
Corey gave Jessica a lift as they walked away from the ceremony area.
Their wedding party wasn’t far behind with congratulations for their friends.
Corey grabbed an orange balloon on his way out…
…and brought it with us into the limo.
We had plans for the balloon!
Blue dresses and an orange balloon… Go Bears!
We took full advantage of the skyline view next to the planetarium for some group shots.
Back in the limo, the champagne got popped. There was a quick toast as we made the drive to Lincoln Park Zoo…
…where we hit up the lily pond for more pictures.
We were having a good time taking wedding party pictures, but there was other business to take care of.
Everyone went to the nearby Dominick’s…
…and picked up CTA cards. We had a train ride to take!
But our wedding party had other needs to attend to before the train.
And then this happened…
CTA cards in hand, the merry bunch jumped on the train.
Bogus!! Most of the goodies got taken away.
Undaunted, we waited for our next train.
Next stop… Wrigley Field!
It started raining as we made our way off the train and to the stadium.
Spirits weren’t dampened at all as we made our way to Brixen Ivy, a rooftop where the reception was going to be held… during a Cubs game!
Corey called the folks at Brixen Ivy to let them know we had arrived.
Inside were tons of wonderful details that Jessica made herself. Almost every detail was designed and hand-made!
The flowers were done by Asrai Garden.
Jessica even created the entire sweets table! It looked great… she did an amazing job!
Jessica’s DIY cake topper, which sat on top of a delicious cake by Cupcakes for Courage.
I was going nuts over all the sweets…
…and especially for all of the details.
The guests were knocking back the beers, waiting for the game to start.
Unfortunately, there was a delay due to the rain, but spirits remained high.
Guests were having a blast inside, especially these two, posing with this photo backdrop that was crafted by our bride.
Brixen Ivy kept the beer and ball park food coming, too.
Mmmmm…. cupcake.
Jessica chowed down on a burger.
A beer with the guys.
Corey’s mom got a big smooch from one of the groomsmen.
Corey’s brother, who was also the best man, gave a toast in honor of his brother and new sister-in-law.
Jessica’s maid of honor was next up, offering congratulations to the couple.
Jessica’s dad popped open a bottle for his toast. This champagne was given to Jessica’s parents on the day she was born.
They saved it for the big day!
And her mom was quick to join him, bottle in hand.
Jessica and Corey then joined up for their first dance together.
After the first dance, it was time for the bouquet toss. And boy, did she do it the right way.
Corey didn’t have a bouquet, so he tossed a cupcake instead.
In the end, the game was cancelled due to the rain. A shame for sure, but it didn’t dampen the spirit of the evening. Everyone had a great time celebrating with Corey and Jessica.
Jessica and Corey, you’re a wonderful couple, and I had the best time spending the day with you both. Hope you are having fun with your new puppy!