The day began in Jessie’s hotel suite as she made her preparations. Her bridesmaids were there with her, ready to help out however needed. And I was there, too, capturing every fun moment.
Meanwhile, not far away, Jeff was getting ready, too. He made a few final adjustments, rounded up his groomsmen and headed out of the hotel.
Jessie’s mom helped her to button up the gorgeous dress. Jessie looked amazing, and after a few final touches of her own, she was ready for her first look with Jeff.
The guys were waiting on LaSalle street for that first look, ready for word that Jessie was on her way. Minutes later, Jeff was in the middle of the road, getting his first, wonderful eyeful of his bride in her gown.
The wedding party (and a few bystanders) cheered as Jessie and Jeff admired each other.
The bridesmaids and groomsmen joined us in the street to begin pre-ceremony portraits. We took some group shots at the first look spot…
…then moved to the nearby train stop.
Jessie and Jeff shared a champagne toast (and a few smooches) on our way to the next stop.
It was a beautiful day to take photos at the garden at the Art Institute. We took full advantage of all the lovely backdrops there, snapping pictures of the couple, the wedding party and Jessie’s bouquet.
The sun was shining bright, so Jessie and Jeff wore their sunglasses for second in order to give their eyes a break!
One last picture of the group…
…and then we were off to Room 1520 for the ceremony and reception.
Jessie gave her and Jeff’s mothers customized handkerchiefs. They were thoughtful, meaningful gifts that meant the world to their parents!
Not long after, guests took their seats and the ceremony began. Every second of the ceremony was lovely, from the moment Jessie took her first step down the aisle until the couple shared their first kiss. See for yourself!:
With vows, rings and a kiss exchanged, Jessie and Jeff were officially husband and wife! Congratulations!
Jessie took a much-needed drink immediately after the ceremony.
The weather that evening was perfect, and guests were enjoying their drinks both inside and out of the venue.
While guests enjoyed cocktails, Jessie was changing into her second dress of the evening. She looked amazing– and ready to party!
After dinner, Jessie’s dad kicked off speeches with a few words for the newlyweds.
Jeff’s dad was up next with his loving tribute.
The Maid of Honor and Best Man gave their toasts…
…and then Jeff and Jessie cut into their cake.
Next up was the opening of the dance floor, as the newlyweds shared their first dance together as husband and wife.
Then Jessie shared a parent dance with her father…
…before everyone joined them on the floor. What a party this was! As you’ll see, these guests brought their best moves!
The last shot of the evening was taken on the venue’s rooftop. What a fantastic view of downtown… and what a fantastic way to begin a marriage! Congratulations, Jessie and Jeff… thank you for including me in your wedding day!