So, my dad got married this month! The wedding was at a State Park in Indiana. It was a long trip home with a cake in the back of my car for 4 hours! Thanks Jarrod! =)

Here is a shot of my sister, Jennifer, and Joni getting ready.

Joni had to take care of some last minute details.
Her sisters came in to check on her. I am sure they will not be too thrilled with this one!! =)
Joni heading to meet my dad for the first time. He did not know that she was going to wear a wedding dress.
He was about to find out!
It was a nice surprise.
The park was really pretty!
And me….after shooting outside. Classy. =)
And the cake survived!
Some details…
And a bird watched as the ceremony started…
Joni and her son.
Her daughter watching from the front row…
Gloria sang for the ceremony. Later she was forced to emcee. =)
Joni thanking Gloria for a job well done.
My uncle Mike….stealing my job.
Some family pictures…
Me and Jennifer TICKING.
My little cousin and his grandma!
We took a few more shots!
I gave my dad Joni’s flowers and told him to act gay. Nice dad. How 1975 of you…
Joni’s sisters attacked her for one more picture!
And then my cousin (who will remain anonymous) kicked her feet back…..
And the speeches started.
The first dance…
And the rings! My dad made a really cool archway with hummingbirds. He made the hummingbird that the rings are on.
See everyone soon!