Joy and Augusto had an amazing wedding in Key West last March, but wanted to share their happiness with Chicago friends who couldn’t make the trip. They hosted a party at Catalyst Ranch a few weeks ago and I teamed up with this beautiful couple for a second time to document it. We started out at Joy and Augusto’s home, where I snapped a portrait of a very dapper Augusto.
Spaetzle was there, too, ready for a closeup.
Joy poses proudly with her pup.
And Augusto had his turn, too.
Then we were off! First stop was the planetarium, where we took a few pictures in front of the Chicago skyline.
A quick tour through the park…
…and then we swung by some of my favorite mosaics under Lake Shore Drive.
Joy flashed a big smile next to the butterfly…
…and then we headed downtown.
We were at the Kinzie St. Bridge at the exact right moment. The lighting was perfect!
Photo-bombed by a pigeon!
I ran across the bridge for a wide shot…
…and then it was time for the party!
Joy and Augusto’s guests were beginning to filter in when we arrived.
I set out to take pictures of the day’s details while the guests mingled and enjoyed cocktails. The colors they chose for the place settings matched beautifully with Catalyst Ranch’s funky interior.
Joy loves monkeys and they were everywhere… their signature drink was even monkey-inspired.
Little Spaetzle had a paw in the festivities, too.
Guests were encouraged to write well-wishes for the newlyweds on these notecards.
The sand in these bottles was collected by Joy and Augusto in Key West. You’ll see more of these in just a bit…
The guests assembled and found their seats.
When everyone was seated, Joy and Augusto grabbed their bottles of sand and moved to the front of the room for a union ceremony.
They poured the sand they had collected into this case. Just as the sand can never be fully separated into their original containers, Joy and Augusto are permanently linked.
Right after the union ceremony, a friend of Joy and Augusto’s kicked off the toasts.
He gave Augusto some advice worth listening to!
Another friend stood up and gave a stellar speech.
Three cheers for Joy and Augusto!
After dinner, the newlyweds took to the floor for their first (Chicago) dance.
Joy’s father and Augusto’s mom joined the happy couple for a trip around the dance floor.
Then everyone piled onto the floor, showing off their best moves.
Augusto and his brother pose for the camera.
The guests sure weren’t shy around my camera!
And they had some great dance moves to show off, too!
There was a lot of high-energy dancing…
…but plenty of slow dances, too.
Joy’s father is keeping his eye on you!
It was a hoot and a holler!
Joy and Augusto, it was a treat to be with you for both your Key West wedding and the Chicago reception. Congratulations again on your marriage!