We’re right in the thick of summer, and you know how I do with this Chicago humidity, so I jumped at the chance to join my ol’ pals Julia and Madeline as they tried out their new swimming play set! The girls were all smiles when I arrived, ready for an afternoon of fun in the sun.
First things first, though. These twin sisters need you to get their names straight. This is Julia…
…and this is Madeline.
And they love summer!
Whether they’re relaxing in the yard…
…or playing dress up. Watch out! It’s Spiderman!
Spiderman asked me to watch as she demonstrated acts of acrobatic wonder on the inflatable slide.
And princess Julia invited me to take a tour her home. Playing pretend is fun…
…but nothing beats swimming! The girls were all giggles as they jumped into the pool.
Jumping and splashing in the water was just the perfect remedy for the hot summer afternoon.
There was even a huge water slide play set available for the girls to enjoy. Madeline showed no hesitation in climbing the slide.
There was a sprinkler at the top of the slide…
…and a big splash pool at the bottom.
I can’t think of anything more fun than this.
And the girls were having the time of their lives.
Keep having fun, Julia and Madeline! I can’t wait to hear all about your summer when I see you next!