Earlier this fall I traveled to Geneva, IL to shoot Julianne and Mark’s wedding at The Herrington Inn.
When I got there, Julianne was just having the final touches done on her make-up. She was all smiles!
Both her hair and makeup were done by artists from Sonia Roselli’s studio.
Photographing a unicorn. Well, check one off of the bucket list!
I hope that she saved that box! =)
Mark was just waiting for our call. It was time for him to head out to see Julianne for the first time that day.
Back in her room, Julianne was getting ready to finish up by putting on her shoes.
But first she had to slip into her dress!
Beautiful! Our bride was ready to go meet her groom! I love this shot from the elevator.
She grabbed an umbrella to take with us just in case. We kept missing the rain all day. Lucky!
Mark was waiting patiently at the end of the bridge, ready to see his bride for the first time. I really love this shot.
Here she comes! Check out his smile and those hands. He was happy-nervous. =)
I love it when my brides get teared-up from happiness!
The wedding party joined us at the bridge for some group shots.
They scoped out this great location in Geneva. I am so glad they did!
This bridge offered a ton of cool backdrops for pictures.
Mark and his groomsmen.
Julianne and Mark did anything for a cool shot!
Julianne made a gorgeous bride. Posing definitely came natural to her!
Guess where this sign was posted…
Miniature golf course!
Her brother showed off some mad juggling skills before we played.
Sneaking off for some kisses.
Everyone was having fun putting around.
We moved on to another great location. This spot will definitely be visited again!
Their family joined us at the forest preserve for pre-ceremony photos.
Mark greeted them with his iPhone.
Julianne looking very worried about the family photos. =)
Love this one of Julianne!
Mark escorts his mom into the ceremony.
Here comes the bride!
Julianne walks with her father…
and takes a deep breath to hold in the tears.
The ceremony is underway!
Julianne’s bouquet, which was arranged by Elizabeth Wray Designs in Geneva.
Mark’s family…
Julianne’s mom and dad…
Um, is she really giving me the finger? How rude. =)
Mark gets ready to deliver his marriage vows.
Julianne puts the ring on Mark’s finger.
And a kiss seals the deal!
Time to bring the party inside! I love this shot of the reception room.
Here’s a little part of a big flower. Talk about negative space!
The table centerpieces were cute as well.
Look at the beautiful sugar work on this cake! It was designed and baked by The Cakery in North Aurora.
I asked Julianne to show off her bracelet as she headed to the cocktail hour.
The guests were snapping away as we entered the room.
Mark! Double-fisting it already!?!
Mmmm… the food was done by The Herrington Inn as well.
I love when people ruin a pretty photo! =)
Mark’s mother thanks the guests for attending.
Julianne’s dad gave a speech as well.
Mark’s brother.
Then Julianne and Mark took their turn to talk to the guests.
And then they danced their first dance.
And then everyone gets crazy!
Drinking on the job. Not really. I had to take a photo with Brooke. I have known her for years and she was a guest at their wedding! Love when that happens.
I think someone may have lost a bet here.
Everybody was dancing up a storm! Leslie from Toast & Jam provided the soundtrack for the party!
Julianne, letting everyone know what’s up. =)
I had a blast sharing your wedding day with you, Mark and Julianne! Congratulations on your marriage and best wishes for your future!