Julianne and Mark just wanted to go “find things”. I love that. Well, she did want to shoot at the Kinzie Bridge. Everyone wants the Kinzie Bridge, right?! =)

We started the shoot at the top of a parking garage. Glad we went up there!

The parking garage was attached to Second City so we sneaked in for a quick shot. I love this mural so much!
We drove around for awhile and then we found this magical spot! I will definitely be going back here.
Yes, this was an accidental discovery! Love it.
Julianne was quite the poser. =)
This chair was just waiting for us.
These birds have missed me. I know I have missed them.

Another great mural!

I loved these next two and I couldn’t choose which one to post. Here’s both!
Our last stop was near the Art Institute.
Some blues…
Love this one!
See you both very soon!