Julie and Justin’s Colorado wedding celebration was held over the course of two days, and I was lucky enough to be with them for every minute. The first part of the wedding involved the couple making their formal commitment to each other, which they did in a secluded corner of Piney River Ranch, just outside of Vail. Julie and Justin’s two pups joined the couple, proud to serve as witnesses for the intimate event.

It was misty all day, but the scenery was all the more gorgeous because of it. I was excited to be with this couple in this place for this special moment!

Julie welcomed me into the bridal suite of the lodge, where she was just getting ready to put on her dress.
Meanwhile, Justin was just outside the room, waiting patiently for his bride.
It had just started to rain as Justin took his place on the dock, the designated area for the couple’s first look. The rainy weather didn’t dampen spirits one bit, though, as these two were completely focused on each other and enjoying their day. Julie made her way to Justin and the two took a few minutes to admire each other in their wedding clothes.
We shared a quick toast back at the lodge before loading in the car to head further into the property for the ceremony.
A few miles down the road, we parked the car and began to travel on foot. The ceremony spot was secluded, but as you’ll see in a moment, completely worth the hike.
The hike was full of gorgeous scenery and wildlife… we were sure to tread carefully around this moose!
We also found a great (moose-free) spot for Julie and Justin to pose for a couple of portraits, too.
We were getting closer and closer to the ceremony site…
…when this pup decided she had had enough! She wished her owners all the best….
….and then high-tailed it back to camp!
Justin went chasing after the runaway bridesmaid…
…and the couple’s other pup went chasing after Justin.
Finally, everybody was herded back together and leashed for the remainder of the hike.
We arrived at the ceremony site a few moments later, and my breath was taken away. It was absolutely perfect. I couldn’t stop snapping away as Julie and Justin made their vows to each other. The entire ceremony was just like a dream.
With vows, rings and a kiss exchanged, Julie and Justin were married! Congratulations!
The pups gave their humans sincere congratulations, too, before gathering together for a family portrait. We took a few more pictures and headed back to camp.
The sun had set by the time we got back, and I found the camp to be just as gorgeous at night as it was during the day.
The newlyweds headed out on the lake for a quick moment together.
When they were back on shore, we wrapped up day one with a couple of pictures on the camp site.
The second day was a celebration with Julie and Justin’s family and friends. They had a huge party planned, and I was excited to watch it all go down. We met up in Denver early enough in the day to take some portraits before heading over to the venue.
Julie, Justin and I headed out on foot to visit some of their favorite Denver spots that were on the way to the venue.
Julie and Justin’s party was held at Black Eye Coffee Shop, where there was more than java waiting for guests to enjoy!
This was a giant cocktails and dancing reception and Julie and Justin were ready to party with their friends! Once the guests had all arrived, the dance party got started. Check out some of my favorite dancing pics!:
I was so happy to see one of my wedding couples, Kate and Kyle! I shot their wedding back when I was just getting started!
What a blast! Justin and Julie, congratulations on your marriage. And thank you for having me be a part of your wedding!!