Kate and Kristin were in Chicago, and marriage was on their minds! They journeyed from Michigan with their family for the special day, and asked if I would tag along to take photos. Of course I would! I started my day with Kate and Kristen in their hotel room, where they were just finishing up getting ready.
Toys from their two sons were out on the desk and I had to resist the urge stop taking pictures and build a spaceship.
Kate and Kristin had just a few small details to attend to before heading out… like shoes…
…and earrings…
…and cupcakes! A friend sent these over for the couple to enjoy with their kids. They looked delicious!
They hired a rickshaw driver to take them around the corner to A New Leaf.
Their bouquets were waiting for them at A New Leaf. They did gorgeous work, too! The wonderful staff there even let us take a round of pictures through the store.
Next, we traveled through the tunnel and into Lincoln Park to continue the shoot. We made a quick stop by the South Pond Lattice before making our way over to the lake to get our feet sandy.
We had just enough time to take a few skyline shots before we had to go to the Lily Pond, where Kate and Kristin held their ceremony.
Their sons were there to greet us when we arrived. How handsome do they look!?!?
The boys’ shoes were especially awesome- they were allowed to design their own shoes themselves!
The boys posed for this year’s Christmas card…
…and then I grouped the family together for a portrait. We made great use of our time at the pond!
Soon after, the rest of the family arrived. Here, the cousins take a good, hard look at the pond. I wonder what they were thinking…
Kate’s dad broke out his guitar and played music for the ceremony.
Love was all around as friends and family greeted the brides.
The cousins posed for one more picture…
…and then it was time to take a seat. The ceremony was about to begin!
Each bride was escorted in by a son, and they met in the middle of the pond. It was a beautiful ceremony, and I’m happy to share some of my favorite pictures from it below:
Kate and Kristin gave the boys bracelets as part of the ceremony; keepsakes to remember the day by.
Then they all joined hands as they honored their bond as a family.
And Kristin and Kate joined hands to deliver their vows of marriage to each other.
Look at these happy guys!
And then they were married!
What a beautiful picture to end the day on. Congratulations to your whole family, Kate and Kristin! Thank-you for sharing your day with me!