I shot Kate and Kyles wedding last November. This was kind of their anniversary/trash the dress/just for fun session! Kyle did not have a suit but Kate put the dress on at the end of the shoot and I am SO glad she did!! Thanks for having me come to Arizona to photograph you both.

I would love to know what you think of this image. Is it TOO photoshopped? I kind of love this image.

We had fun just walking the streets of Jerome, Arizona.
These stickers are pretty fun.
We went to this really cool place in the mountains and took even more photos!
I LOVE this one!!
Love this one too!
Pedro the donkey!
Then we headed to the desert just outside of Phoenix.
I was DYING to shoot here. It was so much fun.
A lady walked by and told us we should be careful with all of the rattlesnakes out there. I really wish she would have kept that to herself. Ha!
Kate changed and we finished up the shoot with some really cool dress shots!
How cute is Kate?!? =)
You go, Kate! She was up for laying in the dirt and you know I was up for shooting it!
We drove around for an hour looking for this spot. We ended up shooting for about 3 hours! It was totally worth it. I had a blast. Thanks Kate and Kyle!!!!